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At CPS, we provide building services such as planned and reactive maintenance, refurbishments, tiling and general building maintetance in the Northern Territory and Queensland. Its work includes specialist line markings, essential maintenance and building works, specialist epoxy resin floors, self-smoothing and trowelled urethane or epoxy screeds, resin bonded paving systems, water based and high build epoxy coatings, tiling, painting & decorating and fencing.


Specialist Coatings

Our wide range of services includes epoxy resin floors, self smoothing and trowelled urethane screeds, self smoothing and trowelled epoxy screeds, resin bonded paving systems, water based and high build epoxy coatings


Planned / Reactive Maintenance

Our services include anti-graffiti removal from any substrate in any location at any time, together with subsequent application of suitable preventative coatings. We carry out specialist resin flooring and coating works, including platform edge line markings on London Underground Stations.


Graffiti Removal

Best form of defence is attack!

Graffiti attack is a costly and difficult crime. Affected areas look unsightly, can be offensive and greatly reduce the overall appearance and character of an area. We have found that the best form of defence is attack! Swift removal of the graffiti will result in a huge reduction and eventual elimination of further attacks. In the wrong and inexperienced hands, graffiti removal work will at best result in visible evidence remaining and at worst, physical and permanent damage to the structure.

CPS has been involved in research and trials involving the cleaning and application of slip treatment systems on terrazzo and floor tiles and can offer a comprehensive service to upgrade problem floor areas. We also carry out general deep cleans including cleaning of sensitive equipment such as platform cameras and PA systems.

"Consistency of work enables us to dedicate sufficient teams and resources to deliver a personal and effective service."

- CPS Building

Our growth strategy is based on client retention and referrals which means that our project delivery teams are the most important asset to our company.




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