CPS was founded by Iain van den Berg in London, UK during 2007. The company began servicing its first client, London Underground, in 2007. Under Iain’s direction the company grew year on year carrying out planned and reactive maintenance and works specifically aimed at rail networks. It is highly skilled at project management mobilising teams, contracts management and deploying a range of specialist trades who are adaptable and deliver quality building, maintenance and cleaning projects.

Iain immigrated to Australia in 2015 and set up CPS Australia while travelling back to the UK. By 2018 Iain had sold his final stake in the CPS UK operation and continued to drive the business in Australia. 

These days, CPS operates mainly in Queensland and the Northern Territory working with companies such as the Modus Projects, Mackay Airport, RIS Safety, Ventia and Councils requires us to employ highly skilled, motivated, and adaptable teams who are able to deliver quality projects on time and on budget. These Projects are run by Warren Jackson-Smith & Andrew Schuil who have years of experience across South Africa, England and Australia. 

In our experience, long-term business relationships result in real benefits for both parties. Consistency of work enables us to dedicate sufficient teams and resources to deliver a personal and effective service. Our knowledge of individual clients’ policies, procedures and properties is a real advantage in saving considerable time and money. We know what to do, where to do it, and how!

So why Chameleon?

The English word chameleon derives from Greek, meaning “ground lion”. We like to think of CPS as chameleon-like; versatile, adaptable, tenacious and with true 360° vision. Where you see our chameleon symbol, you will find energetic, dynamic and productive CPS teams.

Chameleon Facts

“Unwabu” is the Zulu word for chameleon. The chameleon’s very long tongue can extend out of its mouth faster than human eyes can follow, at around 26 body lengths per second. By changing its skin colour, the chameleon can cleverly blend into its surroundings and display social messages to other chameleon’s. With is separately mobile, stereoscopic vision, the chameleon can rotate and focus its eye to observe two different objects simultaneously.

"Consistency of work enables us to dedicate sufficient teams and resources to deliver a personal and effective service."

- CPS Building

Our growth strategy is based on client retention and referrals which means that our project delivery teams are the most important asset to our company.




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